Your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at RUAG:
Together for the future – a real win–win situation

To ensure your work is relevant to real life, it needs a foundation in the corporate culture. In turn, to ensure our corporate culture remains dynamic and open to the future, we need your input.

If you want to work with fascinating topics centred round technology, technology management, IT or applied sciences, or business, law or social sciences, we would be delighted if you did this with us at RUAG. We give you the chance to develop your theses and ideas in a place where science achieves a concrete impact, and progress takes on a true form. It provides you with the opportunity to build a good network and make valuable connections for your future career. And it offers us the possibility to get to know you, to have a part in your ideas and to develop these together with you. This alone is a benefit for both sides. And when we match up, then a long-term working relationship can ensue in the end. 

If the idea of a partnership-like collaboration on a future-centric topic, in a high-performance environment, sounds appealing to you, and you believe that your topic fits what we do, contact our university marketing team or send your proposal directly to us or our divisions and their contact persons. 

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