Your start at RUAG:
Straight up, yet with both feet on the ground 

Have you completed your studies successfully and with above-average performance, and are now searching for career opportunities that guide you in the same direction as your academic learning curve? That works for us, because we have no limits at the top for those eager to learn and who are passionate about performing. 

Regardless of whether you have studied engineering, material science, electrical or communications engineering, IT, physics, mathematics or aerospace, or business, law or social sciences, if you have completed your studies in these or similar subjects with good grades, many career paths are open to you at RUAG. But above all, this is open to you: being a leader in manufacturing, shaping technological progress and transforming your knowledge into something genuinely useful for society in the long term. The fact that we are an attractive employer is confirmed by relevant employer ranking which show how well and happily employees work with us. 

But we don’t rest on our laurels – neither on our position as one of the leading and most innovative technology companies nor on that of one of the most popular employers. In the middle of the global, technological and societal changes taking place today, we want to form change in a responsible and positive way. To achieve this, we need people who drive us forward and help us develop further, who take on responsibility and leadership and who, together with us, want to accomplish great things and tread new paths. Those just starting their career are welcome. Like you.